Jamie Waller is a dangerous man.  He is what people mean when they say someone is a wolf is sheep’s clothing.  Only he isn’t scary to me physically, but he is diabolical, mentally.  I don’t know if you have noticed all the drama I have been in since December, well it has been hell.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  Every week a new person was pissed off at me for some unknown reason.  The worst part was they were so pissed off they wouldn’t even speak to me.

That was perfect for Jamie Waller because see Jamie was supposed to be my friend.  He was talking to me the whole time.  Acting shocked that once again some random advocate or person was horribly mad at me.  It drove me crazy and I would post stuff and go live to try and explain myself.  All the while Jamie was privately messaging me more and more info in order to set me off again.  It was awful.  We had a group chat too and in there he would make these comments that would bring a subject up that we as a group had already dropped and before I knew it I posting dumb shit again.

I guess this is called gaslighting.  I didn’t know anything about it.  I had heard of it but didn’t really understand.  I do now.  Jamie Waller was brilliantly doing exactly that to me.  He was acting like he really was my friend and cared.  He helped me with my websites and Facebook Recovery pages.  Now don’t get me wrong I sped by quite a few red flags so I am in no way innocent or didn’t have the chance to get out.  I had more than enough info on Mr. Jamie Waller to stay away.

You might remember a crazy ass video Norma Jean did about me a couple months ago and that crazy preacher dude that was stalking her and making her life hell.  Well, that is Jamie Waller.  I try to see the good in everyone.  I mean I have done some messed up stuff having been an addict for 20 years and because of that, I forgive.  The thing that breaks my heart the most in recovery is that people judge and don’t give second chances.  It hurts when you are working so hard to do the right thing.  So I didn’t hate Jamie Waller.  I played right into his hands.   He used me to hurt Norma and I let him.  I am so sorry for that.

Don’t worry guys and gals karma made sure to kick me in the ass for that.  Now it is me that he is attacking.  Well, me, William Charles and Norma even.  He turned my friends against me with bold faced lies.   He started attacking William Charles I am assuming because he made some comments against him that Jamie saw.  We know that is why because while the thread was going Jamies attacks began on William Charles.  Then the next thing we knew they put those dumb notices up on all their pages.  Smh.

Not just silly lies I am talking about him saying I threatened to stab some young addict over a man and that I am wanted for patient brokering when I have never put one single person in treatment.  I hate that shit.  That is why I don’t do it and I make that very clear to everyone.  He is saying I have been making tons of money since I stopped working for Reliance and I have barely made 500 dollars in two months.  It’s just insane.

That is what gaslighters do see.  Oh, but why is Jamie Waller mad?  Okay, let me break this down for you.  A little over a month ago I got a message from a woman claiming to be Jamie Waller’s wife.  Her name is Kelly Waller on Facebook.  I admit at first I thought it was Norma. It wasn’t.  Jamie freaked out that I was talking to her.  He had never mentioned a wife to me. Not that it mattered, I was anything but interested in him that way but it was a lie.  A big lie. That meant that all his stories about Norma were lies too.  Jamie Waller was not the person he said he was and his whole story was crumbling before his eyes.

This wasn’t just a wife, this was a very mentally abused wife that was desperate to find some truth in all the lies her husband was telling her.  She was scared though so I told her that I would go back to Jamie and pretend that I didn’t talk to her.  So I did, but he hacked her Facebook and saw our messages.  So I got caught lying to him.  He freaked and tore down my websites and acted as though the woman ( his ex ) he said was, of course, crazy.  Kelly told me that as soon as a woman becomes a problem, she is crazy.

We smoothed things over because I wanted my websites damn it, who knows why he allowed it but nothing was the same after that.  I confided in the girls Traci, Erin, and Krist about Jamie’s wife and that I was going to slowly pull away.  Everything was getting pretty calm and I was easing up for on my hate for Norma ( ya I said that…fml ) and I guess it was getting boring for Jamie.  He already started fights with Jamie Smith and the horrible messages to William Charles that caused him to write that article.  See he thought I sent Jamie to threaten him.  I had no idea it even happen until a month after the article and William Charles and I spoke.  He has since taken the article down.  So I lost my job, friends and was made to look like a lunatic bully.

So I lost my job, friends and was made to look like a lunatic in the community all by Jamie Waller and the whole time he was sitting beside me virtually holding my hand while this was happening.  He was causing all the awful stuff, and mind you suicide wasn’t out of my mind, and all the time he was pretending to be my friend.  That is some sick shit right there.

I guess in the mean time he was warming up to the girls in our circle and slowly turning them against me.  So sorry I couldn’t spend hours in the group chat talking about fantasies and make belief missions.  Poor Erin he has her head so messed up she doesn’t have a clue what is real.  She believes he is her protector when actually she let the devil in.  I am putting all of this on my website so that anyone that does a search on Jamie Waller will be warned.  God knows I don’t want

I removed Traci, Kristi and Erin’s profile/cover photos simply because it seemed to disturb them so terribly, not that they care at all about how their actions may hurt me but hey.

I am putting all of this on my website so that anyone that does a search on Jamie Waller will be warned.  God knows I don’t want any more drama.  I finally turned my flying monkey time card into Mr. Waller and I don’t plan on replacing it.  Doing the right thing is important to me though and so is this community.     It breaks my heart that those girls are under his spell but how can I judge?  He is damn good at this mental warfare.  After all, he did the same thing to Norma with me.

Jamie’s MO is to act like his female victims are crazy and he loves to threaten legal whatever. Right now I am wanted by the FBI and the police from Kentucky to Wisconsin.  Dumb.  He hacked my website to help his lie look more real and posted an official looking cover to my website you will see in the pictures that said my site was taken by the I think the National Terrorism something or another.  That is seriously illegal and insane.

So good luck everyone and I pray that this asshole doesn’t hurt anyone else.  Unfortunately, he is already doing it to those close to him.  He can’t hurt me anymore.  I know what a joke he really is.  Oh, he goes by Jamie Waller, James Waller, Christopher Bender and his favorite Anon Preacher.  His email is theanonpreacher@gmail.com  Believe him if you want but I am done with the dumb stuff.  I have work to do.  Love you all and am so glad to get my life back.

There are just some of Jamie’s awful emails and there are so many more.  Read this first one if nothing else.  This is insane.

So full of crap