Losing one child to an overdose is devastating, imagine losing your third.  Jeanmarie McCauley is having to bury her third son, Jesse.  In the go fund me summary they wrote:

I can’t believe that I am having to do this again.  Jeanmarie McCauley is having to bury her third child, Jesse.  He was a big-hearted kid who was so lost after both of his brothers died. He went to Florida to try and get his life back.  Sadly, he did not make it.  I can’t imagine the pain she and the rest of the family are in.  She has to come up with the burial expenses as well as the added cost of bringing him back from Florida.   She wants to have the three brothers together in their final resting place.  We would be so grateful for any help. No mother should have to go through this.  She and her family appreciate all the love and support they have received.

If this story is not proof that our Country is in the midst of an epidemic, what more will it take?  It was only a few months ago that a mother that runs the page I HATE HEROIN, on Facebook lost two of her sons in the same night.  Both of these mothers are fighters that actively fight to spread the word about this epidemic in hopes that no other mother will have to endure the pain of  having a child who suffers from Substance Use Disorder, much less losing a one.


When this happens to families that are knowledgeable about this illness and actively fighting it, it just goes to show how powerful it truly is.  So what does that mean?  It means that we as Mothers and Fathers cannot do this alone.  We need the full support of our police forces, judges, politicians, and communities.

When one of our loved ones gets picked up for possession or petty theft and it’s evident to the arresting officer that they are using opiates that person needs to be taken into custody. Not just for a few hours until they are let back out to wait for court.  The presiding judge needs to look over his podium and imagine it’s their  child standing in front of them. They need to recognize that this is their chance to possibly save a life.

Why can’t they be held until a bed somewhere can be found?  We know if they are released that the first thing they will do is whatever it takes to get high.  They can’t help it, it’s a disease.  So that means if they have to steal something out of your garage or sell their bodies they will make the money it takes to feed the disease that is doing everything in its power to kill them.  If the judge knew they were going to leave and commit suicide they wouldn’t let them go.  What is the difference?

The politicians need to pass laws that make it possible for judges and police officers to take advantage of these opportunities to save our loved one’s lives.  I know this is America and typically we allow adults to make mistakes and then learn on their own from them. This isn’t the same.  Many of these people won’t get the chance to learn from their mistakes, they don’t live long enough to.  Don’t you see, this isn’t like smoking pot, doing a line or having a drink?  You don’t have two, three or five years to screw up and decide that you want to get clean.  With the Fentanyl and now Carfentanil every single time they use might be their last.

15000006_10210938704172944_4691463102048334425_oThree beautiful young men, all from the same family are just gone.  It’s not the leading story on the news and the comments below this story will include horrible judgment and hate.  All because these beautiful young men have a disease that people have decided makes them less than.  I can promise you this. Those boys were loved, their lives mattered and their families feelings matter.  Please, take a stand.  If you love someone who suffers from Substance Use Disorder don’t be scared to speak out. You hold the keys, all of you.  If we all stand together and tell our stories we can stomp out this stigma and force the public to take notice.  Those of us who fight every day need you.  Together we can make a change.

Please give to the go fund me for this family and if you can’t afford to give you can surely share.


Update: Thank you for your generous donations, please keep them coming for this family.  Because of all of you this mother might get to bring her son back home from Florida and allow him to rest beside the brothers he loved so much in life.   Every little bit helps.

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  1. My heart breaks for this family. I know all too well what it is like to love someone who suffers from this disease. They are not “less than”, they are victims, as are their families. My love and prayers go out to you all!

    • America needs to get a REAL WAR ON DRUGS. This shit is funded by the government and the Cartel. Officials are paid or are intimidated into looking the other way as tons of this garbage is crossing the border. The officials are told they can get rich or watch their families get brutalized by the Cartel so they choose to play the game. They have a choice but not a good one. I have many family members and friends who have died from Heroin, Cocaine and other garbage that is put on the streets. My advise is this. If you are on drugs, Kill you dealer, yup, pour gasoline on them a set them on fire. America is not going to help you because there is no war on drugs in America. It is a war on Americans who are hooked on this crap. Our jails are filled with users instead of dealers. We need to take arms and get rid of the parasites who are killing our loved ones. Harsh, but real.

    • I am the mother of an addict. She was very lucky to have turned her life around. My cousin wasn’t so lucky. She was let out of the extended treatment house to attend his funeral and we were close to him. This didn’t hurt to help change her decisions. I believe the house for women of addiction helped save her life along with Fr Martins Ashley but they need to continue after rehab. Rehab teaches you how to learn to deal with the drug extended treatment facilities are teaching you how to stay alive all people need to enter one after treatment. I thank god he gave her another chance.

      • I also attended Father Martins Ashley. And sadly, although I did learn alot about the disease and the science behind it all, I mainly learned more ways to get money and how to steal and pawn stuff. I relapsed 2 weeks after being at Father martins for the 28 days. But fortunately for me, I started on suboxone and it has been my life saver for the past 6 years.

    • So very sorry for your loss, i have recently lost my neice, less than a year, 5 years ago i lost a girl who was just like my daughter, and another one 2 years ago, my daughter was devastated, i was lucky, my children never got involved, instead had children, and loved life, two of these girls left behind their child, i cant even imagine how you feel, i will be praying for you, Rip

    • I lost my son 9 months ago I can’t even fathom how this mother can lose all of her sons! It is such a waste of life.?

    • I am so sorry for all your Losses! I really wish this wasn’t like this. I wish aa addicts more places to go get help and people weren’t mean

    • I.ii have 2 sons who’s every existence in life is to shoot heroin they are homeless and at rock bottom as their father a recovering addict it is hard to watch them kill themselves it’s just a matter of time before that phone call comes.

    • This is so horrible, I couldn’t imagine losing three kids. I had a problem with this myself. It is a terrible drug and ppl have no idea how bad that drug haunts you. Schools need to teach the kids early. Have movies and ppl talk about the horror of it.

  2. You would never get a terrible comment from me. I totally agree with you. These 3 young men never got to live. A Mother that outlived 3 of her children. I would only hope that nobody will make a terrible comment. I know that there are not many of us that did not try something when we were younger, something that was not legal at our age. Well now a days it is opiates. Some are just trying to fit in by doing so. Seems crazy I know, yet this is the truth. This is an epidemic, and can touch any one of our lives. My condolences to Jesse’s family.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss I lost my husband to that crap and I have 4 beautiful kids with him I miss him everyday and so do his kids,it is a nasty drug that is out there and I hope we can fine people to help stop this stuff

  4. I’ve lost so many friends here in Ohio to Heroin. I’m so sorry for the loss. Will continue to pray for the family!

  5. I am sorry for your loss. I just lost my son Sept 2, 2016. May you be surrounded by loving people and gods hands

  6. I have recently lost a son to this epidemic also. I am so terribly sorry for the losses this family has endured. Like me you want to change laws & raise awareness, as well as getting these w this disease into treatment.

    Every first responder SHOULD have Narcan on them at all times. In MA at a recent awareness meeting people were shown how to use Narcan & actually given some. My daughter now carries it w her. She is not an addict, but my son was introduced by other family members, so she may need it someday. Though I pray not. Unfortunately you are not alone, but there are great people out there willing to help. I am just one of many????

  7. I know this FAMILY personally and it’s really sad,jeanmarie the boys mom is very involved in helping stop the stigma of addiction,came out with a little clothing line to help support families of addict their children left behind with no parent or parents these days ..this is her 3rd child that has OD on this horrible,life alternating drug ,just sad ..my sympathy is with her tonight as i sit here a recovering addict my self I am GREATFUL to be alive and here with my children…..

      • No parent raises a drug addict it just happens.And no matter how much you love them it’s not enough.my daughter is 23 and is looking at 3 years in prison because of her disease.and that is what saved her life.I never thought I would see the day my baby would put a needle in her arm to get her high.It broke my heart.My thoughts and prayers go out to any parent that has to go through this.Its a disease they are sick but they are still our baby’s.god bless you.

  8. My heart goes out to this family. As a recovering addict myself and have also endured the loss of loved ones, I feel their pain.
    I lost two younger brothers and my baby sister to opiate addiction. All three within twenty seven months.
    This is a very real and tragic disease.
    By the grace of God, I have five years clean last month.
    We need more help out there for the sick and suffering addict.
    I will continue to reach out and help wherever and whenever I can with the help of Christ Jesus.

      • Hi after fighting this disease for 35 years of heroin this is truly a tragedy,everyone loss to this disease is a tragedy the pain that it causes is unbearable at times for all involved,my heart goes out to the families that have lost loved ones God Bless you

  9. Prayers for you and your family, my Steven lost his battle 8/16/15 and I don’t know how I make it everyday, so I know your pain is unimaginable… so very sorry

  10. Just back in May, we lost a great former race car driver from Jefferson Speedway due to that. It was hard to hear that he was gone from that. I also went to school with Tyler and when I heard what happened, I was heartbroken and I worked with his brother Joe. So, you will not have anything bad to come from me. I have a cousin that was with that stuff and she is finally, I think, getting the help that she needs to stay away. May you have all the support and love with you at this time of need.

  11. My prayers go out to your family! Very sorry for your lost! I’m a recovering heroin addict, 8 months clean now! So i know all to well the struggles of addiction.

  12. Just lost my husband..lover..best fried to this horrible diease. Yes people it is a diease… I live the mourning I found him gone in bed. Just after leaving rehab 120 days sober…20 days is not enough people and what they do is let all your demons out of there box and send you out for you to figure out how to put them back.. really eexplain that to our 9 year old … fucken hate the word addiction.

  13. I am heartbroken for you and your family it’s just so so terrible. I am a recovering addict I never knew I was an addict until I was in a car accident at 27 amd given Percocet for the pain… it didn’t just help the physical pain it helped the mental and emotional anguish I was in being in an abusive relationship that I felt I needed to stay in with two children. It made me cope. Then one day I was introduced to heroin I was that girl never did a drug cheerleader homecoming queen college degree etc. This drug does not discriminate I stole from my parents I lied cheated did whatever it took because the sickness is almost unbearable. I pray that I continue making the right choice your story could save other’s. I honestly blame the pharmaceutical companies and now they shove suboxcine subutex subtext and methadone down addicts throats. They’re murders that will never face a judge. I commend you on your efforts to raise awareness it may not save of us all but if it saves one it was all worth it. Praying for your family and you for peace in all this.

  14. I have 4 boys.The younger three reminded me so much of these boys.Actually all of reminded me of them.Thankfully the oldest HAS turned his life around because he an his girlfriend are expecting a child in Dec.I thank God everyday he met her. I am still scared to death for my other ones tho.After they get 18 it seems they are left on their own.I have tried to get them help but they think they can handle it an in the eyes of the law they are adults that can make their own decisions.An addict does NOT make ratonal decisions!!! That makes it so hard on us in the family because it limits what WE CAN do.I also believe there should be something put in place for FIRST TIME OFFENDERS!! Not a jail sentence that’s gonna do no good-but HELP! Of SOME KIND! Not JUST for heroin.I have 2 that are on heroin but I also have one that is on opiate pills as well.Its ALL killing our children and there’s not ANYWHERE NEAR enough being done!!!But again,short of having them picked up and put in jail,my hands are tied because they are all over 18.I can BEG and PLEAD because I too WAS an addict-to drugs as well as alcohol.I have STRESSED to them that they have a higher chance of losing to both because of MY OWN addiction.I refuse to loose my children to ANYTHING other than natural causes after Im LONG GONE!!! And I PRAY TO GOD EVERY DAY! And I KNOW from my own experiences that he DOES work miracles!I am praying for all the families of addicts in hopes that thee is something done before we loose any more of this generation to Heroin,Meth,Pills,Alcohol.It’s killing this generation!!!!

  15. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have lost a loved one to this horrible epidemic. Jeanmarie words cannot express the pain I feel for you and your family right now. Joann you are right we need help and fast. I can’t say this could have been avoided if we had better support systems in place. I am willing to bet our death rates would decrease and go way down if we had them in place and services to back them. Please help this family lay Jesse to rest. God Bless~

    • I can’t even imagine the pain this poor mom is having to deal with. Like everywhere else, heroin is killing many young people of my community. I lost the mother of my 20 month old granddaughter last year. So sad that she never got to know her beautiful mother. God bless this family and all the other families of addicts. We need solutions…and fast.

  16. So very sad.11 years ago we lost my brother over this and it has only gotten worse.This is making me lose my mind.They dont care about us addicts.WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING DIFF OR WE ARE GOING TO LOSE ALOT MORE LOVED ONES.IAM FINALLY 6 MONTHS CLEAN MYSELF AND I FOUGHT EVER SEC TO STAY CLEAN.MY HEART CRYS

  17. Addiction does not discriminate; it touches many regardless of age, race, religion or social status. My thoughts and prayers to every family whose lives have been touched by this horrible disease.

  18. I just met you at a Narcan class. You are a beautiful person. My heart really aches for you Jeanmarie. This disease is so so horrifying. I am with you 100 percent in helping to get our lawmakers involved to find the right answers. May you know that you have many, many friends that feel your pain. May God put his healing hands upon you to get you through. I know you will never get through this heartache but I know God can help to ease the pain. My prayers and heart goes out to you and your loving family.

  19. My deepest condolences to this mother. I lost my nephew to a methadone overdose and my son battles a opiate addiction as well. No mother should have to bury her child but 3 of them ? I can not even fathom. I’m so glad I did not see any negative comments because some people just do not understand,for some they may try a drug and never want to do it again but the disease of addiction does not work that way for an addict they try it one time and they are hooked for ever. People think it’s a choice and I will never believe anyone chooses to be an addict. It may have been a choice to try the first time but who hasn’t tried something one time it’s not the same for every individual person. People that judge them should realize this could happen to their child. I am so very sorry for your losses. Prayers to you

  20. I believe the person that asked if this was a scam wasn’t being insensitive, they were questioning the validity of the article. The date states November, 7 2016. Today is the November 6 2016. They stated that they had personal understanding with this epidemic, I think they just wanted to question and maybe caution.

  21. I just had to section my daughter after years of addiction the section is only good for 21 days I know that’s not enough what happens when they let her out. She has been in treatment centers for 30 days at a time it doesn’t seem to work. I am trying to keep her alive and it seems I want it more than she does. I don’t know what more I can do. My thoughts and prayers are with every one in this boat especially those who have lost love ones to this horrible disease.

  22. We have buried so many friends and loved ones in our town it’s unbelievable I never thought half the people who died would ever do these drugs . It’s sad to look back and remember friend’s you grew up with to find out their dead from this. I am so sorry for any person that has lost a loved one to any drug.

  23. I don’t believe the person who asked if this was a scam was trying to be insensitive. I too questioned why article states it was posted November 7, 2016 when today is only November 6, 2016. The poster stated that they too have an understanding of this epidemic, I believe they just felt the need to question and to caution.

  24. My condolences and prayers are sent for this family. I cannot afford to give but will surely repost this because there are way to many people dying from this disease. thanks

      • Dumb ass! people don’t make that choice, it’s a disease called addiction I know first-hand about it all too well. why don’t you learn a little more before running that fat mouth!! so sorry for your loss by the way but they are in a better place today

    • Evidentally everyone in ur family is perfect. If u have children I pray to God they don’t become addicts. They didn’t choose to die. I’m pretty sure if they knew it was gonna kill them like it hadn’t happened all the other times they wouldn’t have done it

    • Wow! Addiction is medically considered a disease. Doctors who are WAY smarter than you studied this and determined that addiction is a disease just like diabete or high blood pressure. Get your head out of your ass and stop being so ignorant! I pray that you never have a family member who is affected by this disease but unfortunately for people like you, you don’t change your tune until something like this hits home, I pray it never does. Your a coward for being anonymous btw!

    • They dis not make the choice to die addiction is a disease that controls every part of who you are… there is no need for negativity if you are human then you should understand you may not know how addiction works or have had family that struggled and lost their lives so please keep your negative thoughts to yourself a family is grieving no mother should ever bury their children the fact you made this comment is ignorant and rude may God have mercy on you and I pray you never have to feel the loss of a loved one

  25. So sorry or your loss, I’m a addict myself of this terrible drug it takes over your mind it brings the devil out in a person I been struggling with this terrible disease for 8 years I already flat lined 3 times nothing to brag about after my 3rd time of being brought back i went to inpatient rehab as of today I’m 6 months clean and still feel the need of that terrible drug interactions don’t like to leave your house because I know I can get it its their and I hear it yelling my name is been going to meetings and counciling trying to avoid the terrible path I know in my heart I can stay clean I know 6 months isn’t long but it is to me being addicted for 8 years . I lost my father my sister and 2 Brothers to herion . God bless all of us and prayers are with you and your families.

    • That is great.I don’t even know you and im proud of you.6 months is a long time for being clean even one day of being clean is great.Just keep going to those meetings and seeing that councler and you will be fine.. My sister has been a addict for almost 14 years she lost 4 children due to that horrific habbit and she still chooses to use.It angers me inside cause she never wants to get the help or take it.There is so much help out there but she desides to take the high instead..I pray that i never get that phone call i do love her but angry with her at the same time..I wish you the best and stay strong and positive..Conrats..

  26. So terribly sorry for your unimaginable loss. Prayers are with you. God surround you with love, peace, and comfort. So so sorry. My heart goes out to you. No mother should have to experience such pain and loss. Hugs.

  27. I am so very sorry for your losses..this epidemic has to stop now! We are losing our children..our children people!! Don’t you see that these people are our children? They are our next generation! Why hasn’t the government done anything about this? No, they are more worried about running their political ads, and spending money on their damn mailings when all that money could have opened up several treatment centers to help these people. I know first hand that these kids don’t want to die,,they have no where to go!! Wake up America!! Before you look down on someone, how about reaching down to help someone up? I hate heroine, I hate what it has done to my friends, to my friends kids, and to our population. Get these dealers off the streets. If you are dealing this crap, shame on you, what the hell do you think you are doing? Don’t you realize that what you are selling is killing people? Don’t you realize that is murder? Please God, make this epidemic go away before any more of our children die.

  28. I am so sorry. I lost my fiancé to this disease almost 2 years ago. My son and I found him when we woke up. He had overdosed while we were asleep not too long after he left a treatment facility and half way house. I also suffer from the disease of addiction. I am one who was lucky enough to find recovery and turned my life around. I have over a year clean now and the further I get from active addiction the more hate and malice I feel towards the lives taken. So many dying and so few getting help. I’m so sorry they didn’t get the chance to see the beauty that life can really offer once you have put down the drugs and decide to change. Awareness must be spread and suffering addicts need to be reached out to and shown there is another way of life. Your family is in my prayers ??

  29. Been there 4 of us all BROTHERS all heroin addicts lost my brother Bob in 2000 lucky the 3 of us had enough between jail death and aggravation from the police we got clean ten years clean all 3 of us so Happy now my goal in life is to help other addicts no matter what God bless us all prayers to u all Bill DeMarco

  30. Just want 2 and for boys all heroin addicts we lost one of our brothers in 2000 man overdose now I have and my goal in life is to help out the attics no matter what even if I have to come out of my own pocket I do what I gotta do that’s my mission in life Facebook under William DeMarco Randolph Mass Surplus City and all my family members this time go out to everyone that sick and suffering we gotta stop the stigma

  31. This isnt no scam its real life no mother should have to bury no child i mean 3 come on when is everyone one going to WAKE UP AND KEEP OUR KIDS YONG OR OLD SAFE please do something if they get all drug and caught keep them in a hokding sell keep them until 1 is available it proves they need them the help if we dont help them safe who will Herion is killing ppl no matter how old help our community please

  32. IBOGAINE COULD SAVE thousands of active aaddict! A natural psychoactive plant that not only detoxs you but also brings you on a deep spiritual healing journey and stops cravings for a couple months . IBOGAINE is a miracle plant that millions of addicts could get clean and stay clean and have there life back.

  33. I have overdosed three times and fight the demon’s in my soul everyday! I will forever be in your sons debt to remind me and other addicts that the demon will always win if we allow it too. I don’t say this in a derogatory way, I am speaking from one addict son to a mother who has lost hers. I have been sober a year as of October 24 2016. This will be the fourth time I’ve made it a year, I have four children of my own now with another on the way. I lost my mother two years ago to cancer, I watched as God walked with her to heaven. The eye of my demon saw a weakness in me that very next moment; I let go completely and allowed the demon to control me once more for another year creating my own demise and loss of who I was. Thankfully I was brought back to life by the God of my understanding and every addict who still suffers because without hope WE ADDICTS, have nothing left. I pray you find peace, your demon is gone and faith can wash over your soul. By the grace of God there go I!

  34. They did not choose to dye..they may have chose to get high…just like people chose to drink, do they think theyre going to wreck their car n kill someone after a night of drinking…difference is w heroin u feel u need it..ur mind n body tells u that…it never tells u this is the one that will kill u…it tells u that ull b fine…so the the comment about 3 boys who chose to dye,u obviously have no clue…ot becomes a way of living…our government doesnt care cuz its all about the money n it makes me sick…even drs had me on morphine for 10 years, was i chosing to die cuz i took them?…or does a piece of paper make it ok? Then when they stopped me cold turkey they might as well put a needle in my arm…did i chose to dye no…it was the only way i knew to live…drs also need to b held accountable for their role…started me on pain killers when i was 16…i knew no other way to live…these people need help not a criminal record…REAL HELP!! THE DEALERS SHOULD GET LIFE, HELL N THATS ALL MY DR WAS!!

  35. I’m so sorry for your loss. I almost lost my son twice from this horrible disease. By the grace of god and narcan he is still on this earth. Currently 50 days in a rehab and I pray daily that I don’t get that dreaded phone call. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  36. Prayers for this mother. I just lost a niece to a heroin od in September & I know how much grief this is for me so I could not imagine a mother’s pain, however I do not agree that it is a disease. It is a choice they make. I will pray that this mom can find some peace.

    • It might start out with a choice….but as with suicide there is always a root to why they feel that is where they need to turn to…and with heroin and alcohol you get sick and it is so bad that you keep using to keep the pain away….to not be ill. People who say stupid shit like this need to be forced to find out how much of a Choice it really is after a few used. Especially if it’s intravenously. Ignorance isnt bliss it’s sad. This mother just lost her three sons have respect

  37. I have lost so many of my friends and family 2 heroin overdose it is crazy in Indianapolis Indiana I’ve even lost an ex-girlfriend to it a good 10 friends everyday I hear five or more people have died here of heroin overdose it’s getting ridiculous

  38. I too have sons addicted to this drug . here it started with free oxicotin passed out by dealers for 3 months got 5 towns kids hooked on them then introduced them to Heroin. You cannot tell me this was not planned. the states get 20,000.oo dollars every time a person goes into a clinic. here is where a big part of our health care money goes. no treatment after the 30 days so of course a high percentage go right back on. go to jail for a week or more–first thing to do when you get out is find the drug. We are being controlled by this drug and I believe it is all part of a bigger plan. Dumb people down so they do not think then just let them die. I know people from all walks of life hooked on this s–t it is garbage then it is cut with more garbage now Pharmaceuticals are being added. Now just who profits from that?? Boils down to it is just a great way for demonic people to get stinking rich. I pray every day my children will not die. I cannot stop them. They just seem to have no will to live any more and they are so smart and creative–it is heartbreaking and i cry a lot. I am so sorry for you losing your beautiful boys. Prayers for all of us we need all the prayers we can get.

  39. I lost my son Jason 3-26-2016 I am totally devastated by this he was my life. It is so hard to go on without him I can only imagine the loss you are feeling losing 3 sons. I don’t understand why nothing is ever done to the ones that sell the heroin to our kids one after another these drug dealers don’t care how many will die from it they care about the money. Hopefully one day they can go after all these drug dealers also. Again I am so sorry for your loss.

  40. I am so sorry for your loss what a horrible tragedy of life I am an addict with 12 years clean this is a disease not a choice I cannot imagine your grief something has to be done in this country about the stigma of the disease of addiction I will pray that changes are made I support you you are a strong woman I live with this disease every day and the way people treated Annex it it’s every area of our life

  41. I am so very sorry for your loss. As an ER nurse I saw this daily. My heart always broke for the family I had to call. I can’t even imagine what this poor mother is going through. Two of my daughters have loved an addict and have children. Now they are raising those children alone because this disease keeps their dads from being the kind of person you want in your babies lives. These were two very nice young men with good jobs and many talents. It can happen to anyone. I agree, the government needs to pass a law so that the person caught with drugs or overdosing can be held until there is a bed at a treatment facility but, there also needs to be longer stays at these facilities and ongoing treatment and counseling afterward. God Bless this mom.

  42. I am so sorry for your loss and can not imagine the pain you are going through! May god give you the strength you need to get through this terrible time !! This epidemic is getting worse and needs to stop immediately before more precious lives are lost We all need to stand together and let the powers that be know that we need better laws and longer treatments as well as more treatment centers!! Let our voices get louder and make it so we are heard!! We need to fight for a better future for the next generation!! I have an 8 yr old and am so scared for his future!! Please please help us beat this!! Every life is precious and worth saving!! God bless you and I pray for you to get through this and thank you for continuing the fight!!

  43. I’m so sorry this disease took all of ur loved ones. You must find strength and teach others your experience u can save lives by speaking about ur children whom lost theirs over this horrible drug. My condolences.

  44. Im sorry you cant put a dryg addict in a forced rehab. It will never work unless they want to get clean. If they are given methadone or suboxone in jail and prison or are let out to get into treatment i guarentee they will stop using then. That bogus ass social detoxes do not work at all!! Thats all they got at cook county unless you are on a methadone program and then they detox you. That is bogus!! People die because they use when they get out and i guarentee if they are forced to go cold turkey then be put in a gay ass program like the one in cook county they will go rite back to using. If they are given medically assisted treatment then maybe they will actually try and have more incentive to stop using. Plus if someone doesnt want to go to jail and suffer through detox without methadone or suboxone then they will do anything and everything they can to avoid treatment and jail. Seriously if they give addicts methadone in jail or suboxone if it works for less addicted addicts and then go to the treatment program in jail then it wouldnt be horrible and people would actually try to get help. I hate how people think oh the judge wants to save your life and put you in jail to go cold turkey and sit through bogus ass rehab sick and not have it count towards your time then they are not saving them they are making them just want to go back and use immediately when they get out and probally die from an o.d. if you want ti help legalize drugs or make it mandatory to help addicts get on suboxone or nethadone treatment. No one should have to go through inhumane treatment like detoxing in county jail. You can die from withdrawl and i dont care what anyone says it is not only being sick for 3 to 5 days its months. Your body could shut down and die from severe withdrawl. People need to really know how to treat the problem not just say send them to jail and rehab. That does not work. There are so many people alive and doing well all because of methadone or suboxone. It is the best and most successful way to help a heroin addict.

  45. My heart breaks for this kind of loss for anyone, I just hope many others will see this kind of tragedy and wanna go get help. I was thinking if they could use the micro chip on addicts just so they would have to go to a place to get treatment, don’t know the outcome, but it was just a thought. My prayers up for you and may you be strong thru this time again in need! God Bless You!

  46. I feel so bad for the mother of them 3 boys, addiction isn’t a game it’s a serious thing. I’m a recovering HERION addict as of Nov 4 I’m a year clean, my sister is a recovering addict almost 2yrs clean nd my brother as well, my mother knew what it was like knowing at any time her 3 childrens could die. My fate was more at risk cause I was a active IV user for 2yrs as my sisblings were not. I’m not trying to put any addict down cause there ain’t no room to talk in my book, but it is possible to get clean nd build a better life my siblings and I are proof it can be done with a little faith. So for anyone that uses ppl aren’t telling you to stop just to stop they are telling you because they can see where your life is gonna end up nd want you to do better. Not gonna lie it’s hard, you gotta cut everyone out of your life, stop all contact with anyone that you got your dope from, friends that use every negitive influence out of your life

  47. Im sorry for your loss….i couldn’t imagine. I have struggled with addiction myself..been clean for almost 7 years. Don’t even give any attention to those idiots with crap to say…i wouldn’t even respond to the comments.

  48. Three children lost to addiction , my deepest condolences and prayers…
    Words cannot be enough , sadly , to express the pain and sorrow on not only.the addicted side of life , but the survivors side too. I’m fortunate to be living and embracing the sober side of life , many of my friends and family have not been so fortunate. Cortisol is cortisol , no matter how we shake it loose into our brains… -the new opiods are a class unto themselves… Utterly downright scary and I feel for anyone that gets involved with them.
    As an active recovering alcoholic , graduate of partial hospitalization programs, participating member of AA and a returning member of the human race-/I say this :
    Embrace your children, your loved ones , your spouse’s and yourself… The fall through addiction, and recovery from the very same can be long , painful at a level heretofore unknown by many. Embrace , catch and stumble … And please , please never let go of.hope.

    I am including a link, to an article my friends father wrote in the Star Tribune , 1989. Al Sicherman lost his son Joe , we lost our first friend , and then many , many more to heroin, opiods and death. Joe lost his life. Joe’s father and I spoke then , and his words have stuck with me through the years…perhaps they may help someone , because in the end , that’s what we all want .

    Brian Nelson
    Shorewood class of ’89
    .P.s.thanks to AL , for your kind words.

    The article follows here :


  49. Please don’t judge I have a geat job my kids attended catholic school they made it thru the teen ages and got into their 20 and started Herione so my one son who never got in any trouble robbed a store and is in jail for 2 years he was lucky since he had no record the judge took it into consideration! My other son put himself into rehab got on a plane to Florida and is working a job he loves and is living in a beautiful gated community in west palm beach Florida and is happy!!! Don’t judge and never say never because you never know what is gonna happen!

  50. I am truly truly sorry for your loss. It is extremely hard to even imagine what you are going through. May God watch over you and bring you some solace in your time of need and may your boys RIP.
    I am a parent of a substance abuser. Fortunately my son is now a year and 7 months clean. It wasnt easy. I watched the life go out of him 2 times and fortunately for him I was there to save him. So many others arent so lucky and even if they are they just go on to do it again.
    I have been told by EMS workers that in the first few hours of their shift one Saturday morning they had 7 OD’s. Every time I hear ambulance sirens I instantly think OMG another one. People this is no joke. If the government and police forces arent going to increase the help, we NEED TO STEP UP OUR GAME. How many more of our children must die???

  51. As a parent with children that have a disease that they were born with and have lost one already tooth it to see use it is frustrating to see addiction referred to as the disease. It is an addiction. There was a choice at one point in time when a person started playing with drugs or alcohol. It becomes a problem. There are resources and tools that can be utilized so often the addict chooses not to use those tools or resources. So often when loved ones and professionals throw out that rope for help to save that person they don’t take the rope. They lie and they run and they use. There is choice and all of that. And I’m tired of the oh we are seen as less than. No again it is the frustration of those that work hard to help and guide those with addiction including their own family members. And the addict continues to refuse resources lie cheat steal to get the drug that they crave. Yes they crave it but it does not put them in some sort of black out state along the way they have been refusing resources not cooperating with guidance. It is the frustration that people feel not an attitude that those are less than. I have the deepest sympathy for this mother losing three sons. It is on imaginable. And having lost one son so far I can’t imagine the pain of losing three. Unfortunately those young man did make some choices and unfortunately it meant losing their lives. It is not the fault of society or agencies not taking active enough action on the war on drugs. There are many Addicks that are not utilizing the resources and treatment and vivitrol because they’re not ready to stay sober. And unfortunately many lose their lives before they are timing in desiring to stay sober. That is something every other human being on earth will not be able to stop. We can’t control and make others ready for something that they are not.

    • I just have to point out that the common denominator in all three deaths are the parents. It’s hard to stay blind when you’ve lost your 3rd son. Time to look inward.

      • It is a disease. I understand u are ignorant to think he fact and have no idea. If u don’t know the facts and keep ur comments to ur self.

      • I feel bad for ur parents. Should I blame them for raising a child that thinks it’s OK to blame everything on the parents?

        • Lindsey, You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. One of my most read articles is called Mom it’s not your fault. You should read it.

        • Don’t worry about the trash, we knew they would come out. Its funny how they all seem to have such wonderful lives yet have nothing better to do than to kick a grieving mother while she is down. You can’t get much lower than that.

      • It’s not the parents fault….and I’m sure they weren’t “blind” as you put it…once that horrible drug has a hold of you there is pretty much no way out…either you end up dead or in and out of jail your whole life!

      • Oh Wow! Shut your mouth.You really have no idea. Mother’s have zero control over their adult children.
        Especially when it comes to drugs.
        You can’t force them to get help if they don’t want it.Dont blame the parents…All my prayers and tears and all the talks and all my convincing,Never made a difference for my son That is now gone…So stop making judgements that you have no clue about..

      • Wow look at the parents? I am a recovering heroin addict and I come from an amazing family you are so uneducated anD know nothing about addiction that is horrible you would say something like that… This poor mother and father lost three of their children and your saying it’s their fault what would you do if it was your children? You would probably blame yourself but it’s no one’s fault addiction is a disease and how dare you say something like that your a horrible uneducated person my heart goes out to these boys parents

      • ONE TIME..that’s all it takes to be addicted to HEROIN!! It’s as simple as some loser lacing a blunt with it!! Unfortunately, people do not seem to comprehend the magnitude of this addiction which is now an epidemic!! Anyone making nasty comments on here has obviously not loved someone who has battled this addiction!! With that being said, I’m really not sure why they would even be on here except to pass judgment on people, and THAT HELPS NO ONE!!!!!

      • The common denominator is addiction – which is genetic. That’s the tragedy for these parents – all three sons got the addiction gene. You must sit in judgement from within a family that has not suffered the pain of this illness. Pray your good fortune continues. Beware who your marry.

      • You know what fucking blows my mind is everyone is like oh he was sick or o she was sick…. No u dumb motherfuckers these kids are fucking weak minded lil fucks that don’t value there life at all…. They think hey I can go get fucked up and overdose and possibly die and it’s OK cuz someone will dial 911 and save me….. Fuck that ur weak minded if u decide to do the damn drug the first time u already know what the consequences and repercussions are….. It’s your own fucking fault….. Do t go blame it on the parents for any reason because the parents can’t follow these punk ass kids around to ensure that they won’t do the dope. I have zero remorse for anyone that is a addict. It’s your choice. And if u wana fuck ur life up like that more power to you. I won’t lose sleep over it and honestly if you were one of my friends or someone I knew and u did that garbage I ppl rolly wouldn’t even attend your funeral….. People are feeling bad for dopeheads when they shouldn’t b….. It’s there choice they wana die then let them. And yes I have every fucking right to bitch and put anybody down that does it because my x (the mother of my 3 children) was very bad off on it for over two years. And was one failed drug test away from losing my kids forever and u know what I didn’t give her a shoulder to cry on. I was as mean as possible to her 24/7 to make her realize what she did was fucked up and she only did it because she was very weak minded. Long story short she turned her life around and has been clean for over 14 months and has full custody back of the children and nobody gave her any bullshit sob story support bullshit….. It’s called wake the fuck up and smell the coffee. If you are not strong enough to get clean then ur a loser/ worthless piece of garbage that is a waste of fucking space. Nobody put a gun to any of these ppls head and forced them to do the shit. It was there own choice so let the fucking losers suffer till they pull themselves out of it on there own….. And if they never do pull out of it wash ur hands and move on to someone that deserves your help/attention….. I am 31 and the worst drug I have ever done was some cocaine and one day a very close friend died from a overdose and I never touched the shit again. It’s been over 14 years now and I strictly only smoke green. And you know why I quit? Cuz my life means more to me then that. It’s called being head strong. So put the fucking needle down and pick up a joint. And if u don’t wana put needle down go somewhere far away in a dark place and die alone. Have a great day everyone. Don’t make someone else’s problem become your own

      • Dek the common denominator here is Heroin. You have no idea what you are talking about. Go do some research and then come back and comment. You either have no children or you have been extremely lucky that your child or children didn’t experiment with drugs. Please do not blame the person who loved them the most – their mom. Until you have lived through it as a parent you have no right to comment.

      • This is a disease and heroin is one of the worst drugs anyone can ever be given or try, once on it it is nearly impossible to get off it and just as hard to try to help someone to get off it, it is a long process and a hard one, insurance never wants to pay for it and families suffer so anyone like some of the ignorant comments I am reading on here is completely heartless if you have nothing good to say dont bother, this family lost three beautiful sons and that is a tragedy, there are so many more out there and we all need to know this needs to be number one for States to address once the drug dealers are out of this country.

    • Why don’t you educate yourself, you obviously have no knowledge on addiction at all. I bet if you lost a Child to this shit it would then suddenly become a terrible “disease”. Look at the statistics lady there is a huge epidemic going on rn with opiates & until close minded ppl like yourself change your outlook America is going to continue to struggle.

    • Yes it is a disease! Addiction is a disease! Just like if someone was addicted to shopping, eating, gambling! I do not agree with u when u say it’s not a disease! It is scientifically proven it is a disease in the brain! KNOW ur facts

      • So hears the thing. I am a recovering addict myself. Addiction does become a disease but only after we have made the choice to poison our bodies over and over again until we become physically and mentally addicted. Its a horrible thing that happenf to this family but we cannot blame the judges and courts for someone else’s habits and mistakes. We the taxpayers would be the ones to have to pay to house all of the addicts until a bed became available. Then our taxes alsonpay for the treatment facilities too. We need to stop making so many excuses for addicts not being able to get clean. If your willing you can. I have. And I am doing great. I just got tired if living that way. Instead of blaming judges again maybe some family members should have forced these kids into facilities and sat by and held their hand the way they arr saying someone else should have.

      • I have a son that has been in and out of over 17 rehabs for his addiction to herion. My family has paid over 35,000 dollars to these rehabs for help and nothing has worked. Everytime he gets out he is right back using. He has been to prison , bootcamp, and rehabs since he was 17 years old and he is 25 and locked up since September of 2015 for having drugs on him. Right before he went in this last time I went to pick him up at Mcdonalds and he was walking down the driveway and collapsed he had OD on herion right in front of me thank god I know CPR ….I got down and started giving him CPR and after about 10 min he started coughing and coming back. Nobody will ever know the sadness I felt seeing my own child turn blue starting from his lips and going straight through his arms to his legs it was like the devil literally was taking him with him !! Nobody parent should ever have to experience this it was hell on earth but I truly believe the Dear Lord put me there to save his life cause he has a purpose here on earth just like you and me. For those out there making comments about this very sensitive subject are not right at all instead say a pray for those that have lost their children or are going through this hell with a child that is hooked on this evil god forsaken drug. Don’t judge its not right at all you never know what people are going through and you surely wouldnt want know one to judge you so do onto to others as you would not done on to you.And for the lady that lost all 3 of her sons I pray to dear lord above to give you strength and comfort to get through such a devasting unbelievable loss. I am lost for words as I am writing this ..I feel very very sad that they were taken over this devil drug. I am so sorry!! I pray when mine gets out that the Dear Lord gives him a purpose in his heart to do better for himself and love himself enough to stay clean. Prayers and hugs to your family and again Im so sorry!!:(

    • No1 asked for ur opinion. If u have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. You’re ignorant

    • It’s usually a family disease. Addictive behavior begins long before the person starts using drugs. My sister lost her life to AIDS because of heroine use. There was a dynamic present in our house that led her to use. People who understand drug addiction know that it is a disease spawned from a person’s inability to cope with life on life’s terms. So when I say looK inward, understand the part you play in creating that dynamic.

      • Are u serious?? Ask any medical professional!! Which I’m 100% sure u are not… My brother was addicted to heroin and I was addicted to meth. I’m telling u right now my mother is one of the meanest, best parents out there. She would hunt us down at a party and literally kick everyone’s ass until she got to her child. She would do what any good parent would until we turned 18, after that it’s no longer up to her. At that point we did what we wanted and guess what she gave us tough love, for years we always fought, never talked, barely seen eachother. All Cuz she wouldn’t help us with a few bucks and blah blah TOUGH LOVE AND WE STILL DID IT. SO ANYONE WHO SAYS IT’S THE PARENTS FAULT UR AN IDIOT. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some parents who are at fault like the ones who were on drugs themselves.. but dont u dare try and say addicts parents are to blame Cuz that’s the farthest from the truth. Finally were all clean and hapoy. But it wasn’t easy and heroin is the worst. I had a slip and got on pain pills so I know how it feels to come off those. And I cant imagine the pain heroin would do fuck that….. and fuck u idiot…..

    • Yes it is a disease so I think you should research stuff and become knowledgeable before you post your comment!!!

    • Try reading instead of judging Linda, the disease of addiction is very real, drugs effect the brain to the point it no longer respond the correct way and it takes a great amount of time and behavioral modification for your thinking process to change, it is a disease with no cure, it can be arrested only.

    • I will agree some non parenting families or single disruptive living can carry a great risk for children to turn to drugs….. But before stones can be thrown I’ve also seen kids/adults who come from good up bringing and still died from herion/drugs/AIDS….. Remember cancer is not by choise it’s a disease….. You choose to do drugs, now you created this disease! Further more for the mothers who made sure there children were taken to the doctors, fed, nurtured and loved….. All my sympathies

    • If you actually did some research you would see that it is a disease..the brain is completely different in an addict than it is an a normal person. Please dont comment on something you know nothing about. These people need help not put down! I hope none of you ignorant people never have a loved one struggle with addiction..humanity is disgraceful!

    • Seriously, you people are stupid!!! Trying to blame the parents, not a disease, if you were educated you would know better!! Being an addict is not a choice!! Trust me no one says “I think today I will become an addict”.

    • I lost my son Derick to a Heroin over dose on October 13th. I hurt, I’m angry, lost, empty… Why???? Why are our children being taken from us due to this terrible disease? I have 2 more children fighting addiction and all I can do is keep my door open, love them and not be an enabler,,, I’m so sorry for your loss,,, We need to all fight together for tougher laws on dealers,, Better available insurance… And better and much longer rehab stays… Contact me if I can help….

      • Billie, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son, Derick. You are absolutely correct that we need to come together and demand change. Even though I knew there would be ignorant statements by thoughtless people in the comments of this article I also knew that many more good, kind and intelligent people would come and stand with this family in their time of need. I want you to know we do that for you as well. I am the owner of this website/blog and would like to ask you to send me a private message. You can contact me at holyaddiction@mail.com I have a strong feeling that your story needs to be shared and I would be honored to help you make that happen. Again I am so sorry for your loss. Let’s stand together and fight. All of us.

    • Yes it is. Read about addiction. And thank God it’s not in your family. Addiction is the disease and it’s genetic. My prayers and love are with this family. <3

    • It’s such a tragedy…my heart brakes for all the families affected by this. I was clean for almost 10yrs (i was/am on the soboxone). Everything was getting to me in life so i took a bunch of benzoes, smoked crack, n did heroin, well needless to say i went out n my sons father didn’t call 911 right away i was without oxygen for 5-8mins, i was dead on the floor. He called my best friend who got me barley breathing by then the paramedics arrived, i was rushed to the hospital where i was in a coma for 4 days. My sons father didnt come in the ambulance with me nor contact my family, the girl who saved my life told my sister the next day. So i woke from the coma n they diagnosed me with “active myoclonus” it affects my speech, arms n legs (body jerks) n i have seizures. I was in the hospital from may 10-sept 19th 2016. My new neurologist is saying i have “cerebellar ataxia” he saying i wont get better n i wont get worse. I use a walker to walk with. Ill have 7 months clean dec 10th. I go to PT twice a week, im just grateful to b alive, even tho there are times i wanna stop fighting, but i cant cuz of my son, n my family who has stuck by me. God gave me a second chance, so i also have to show him how grateful i am for that 2nd chance. Just wanted to get my story out there. God bless u all ❤?

    • Obviously you just comment without doing any research. It must be great that you know so much about addiction that you can say it is not a disease. Please go and do your research before you comment. That way you won’t look so foolish.

  52. I am so sorry for your loss. I too know the sting of losing friends to addiction whether it’s by overdose or taking their own life because they believe that’s the only way to end the cycle of being dope sick, stealing, going to jail, etc. The person who says the government is fueling this drug epidemic is correct and we need to stop it.

  53. So very sorry for your loss, I too have lost a child I cannot fathom what this poor family losing three is going through. Its a daily struggle to function for myself and cant imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with these people.

  54. I am a recovering addict and I am lucky enough to have been in recovery for three years even though every day I wake up it is a real struggle not only from my substance use but from depression, ptsd, anxiety and panic….and homelessness. I took my recovery seriously after finding out I was pregnant and my spouse did as well. We are in a family shelter trying to get our lives together. I have lost many friends and people whom I considered family to this epidemic and even though it starts with a choice especially with heroin the fear of becoming sick and trying to stay in a “safe” place keeps most people in the addiction…as horrible as it is that this mother lost all three of her children and yes I am sending my prayers but at the same time all three of her children were using what made them turn to drugs…there is always a reason a root to the problem. Every addict has a story, a reason that they turn to drugs. When someone is an addict people forget that they are most likely going through some sort of pain that they don’t feel can be dealt with any other way…people look at us as junkies like we are grime of the earth but we aren’t. I cannot imagine how much pain she is going through and I hope she finds peace even if it’s in the thought that her babies are no longer suffering in this world. As with everything people won’t get clean unless they want to….so as a recovering addict if anyone is using and reads this please remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel….most have to hit rock bottom to realize they don’t want to live life the way they are but just remember there are people who care….recovery starts with the decision to change and a strong foundation of support.

  55. Heroine epidemic? You mean her drug addict of a son over dosed due to his own poor dumb ass decisions. It’s not an epidemic if they’re doing it to themselves. I have no sympathy.

    • Well it must be nice living in your perfect world by the sounds of your thinking you should stay in your perfect little box and be thankful your not the dealing with one of your loved ones overdosing . It’s so easy to say all that shit when you live in a box . I hope your never faced with having to deal with this issue that clearly you know shit about. Stay in your box.

    • You are a heartless, sad excuse for a human being. Why would you post such a hateful comment on an article like this? Ignorance…plain and simple! Yes, it is an epidemic and addiction is a disease. I seriously hope you never have to learn that the hard way! I have nothing but pure heartbreak for this family, as I could not imagine losing one child…. they lost 3! This is just proof that this is a disease for which the addict has no control over when they are in active addiction. He lost 2 brothers to this disease…. you would think that he would do anything possible to stay away from it. However, he was an addict and using is our coping mechanism for pain, hurt, loss and pure emptiness! May God wrap his arms around this family now and forever to help them deal with such a terrible loss. As for “Noneya,” we’ll be praying for you too because it is clear that you need it!

    • You are a sorry excuse for a human being. Leave your negative comments to yourself. I highly doubt that the mother of these three boys would like to hear your ignorance. Please, keep it to yourself and possibly go educate yourself just a little!

    • Wow, just when I thought the world couldn’t get any dumber. Do yourself a favour and educate yourself on addiction and mental illness. Its people like this that make this world a sad place to live in.

    • You sound like the kind of person that if it happens to your child, you would throw them out like trash . You obviously don’t no the meaning of a mothers UNCONDITIONAL LOVE . You r a sorry excuse for a person

    • Not a disease..you jave no clue what your talking about it most definately is a disease that can be triggered by getting a tooth pulled and perscribed an opiate med for pain…there is scientific evidence supporting this fact..samsha recognizes it as a disease..the fda also. This angers me that ignorance is shown like this!! Do you know bc of this emidemic canada is now legalized pharmicutical heroin injections for people whos terance is too strong for the other treatments..us just approved a buprenephine implant, switzerland and germany also have pharmicutical heroin perscriptions for this disease!! Learn your facts before posting on a familys gofundme for losing 3 sons to this disease..do you think people exposed to thos wake up saying i think its fun i wanna go get heroin?? No they wake up sick, feeling like they just got into a bad car accident, on top of having the worse flu imaginable and they make that call just so they are well enough to function..its not even about getting high..its about getting better..its a medicine that unfortunately most of the time started with their dr. And pharmacutical companies that get their brain receptors ise to being filled until their dr cuts them off and a day later when they feel like death they may try to go to another dr. W no luck call a friend that may have a pain pill until the only alternitive is heroin!! Its horrible but it is most definately a disease..you cannot control your receptors and if they dont get what they got accustomed to because a patient trusted their dr. Those receptors will make their bodies feel the worse agony that if they cant fix..get that fix..they feel like dying!! Learn your facts please!

    • For NONEYA, I take it that means “none of your business”? You shouldn’t have made this your business, because obviously you have no heart! Karma is a bitch! I pray God may have mercy on your evil soul!

  56. So sorry for the loss of your boys.
    I hope that people all over stop sending their children and loved ones to rehabs in Florida! They are almost all corrupt. The half way houses are worse. I’ve had close friends try and deal with multiple places only to be let down by the people who were supposed to be helping them.

    • You are not a human you are the devil’s child. Someday you will lose a loved one to a drug and your compassion on this post will haunt you. Heroin is an epidemic and obviously your the only fool who is blind to it.a compassionate person

    • Your not human ..you are the devil’s child..you have no compassion for anyone .. someday you will lose a loved one to this drug and your comment on this post will haunt you. Heroin is an epidemic and your obviously blind to life

  57. I am a recovering addict with a little over ten months clean I’m finally getting my life back after living on the streets and a dope house I’m lucky to be alive it saddens me to see others lose there life or there loved ones to heroin I constantly think what I put my mother thru while I was in active use i can’t imagine but the only way we get clean is we got to want it you cannot force someone or you will push them further away just don’t give up on them it is the worst thing you can do

  58. First I wanna say I’m so sorry for your losses and your in my prayers, but I’m that kid that’s struggling with this disease and I’ll have 5 months sober in a few days but this is no joke something gotta give I lost my best friend and many others I could go for days with people I lost. I can’t say I know how it feels to lose children but I’m that child who put my mother through hell and luckily she’s still by my side, but I hate this disease it’s disgusting what it does to people. We need to make a difference ASAP!

  59. This is a heartbreaking story that too many families are suffering through everyday. Children left without parents, parents left without childrens, family members that suffer the collateral damage of this disease. .. and I have not heard one word out of the mouths of either of the presidential candidates, which is sad and terrifing… that something that is ruining the life’s a millions, is not even a blip on our leaders radar… what will it take for these lives to matter??

  60. I can’t imagine losing one child to anything much less three to this heroin monster that is attacking our young people. Parents shouldn’t have to bury their children especially something preventable. I wish our country would stop judging and find some way to stop this crisis. I don’t know what the answer is but I am scared for all our young people. My heart goes out to this family and I pray that they can recover from such a devastating loss of three children!

  61. My son had joined the Army at 17 and his Recruiting Officer was picking him up in the am to leave. The night before he was in a automobile wreck .. He had many surgeries skin graft and nerve graft. Lots of medications to help recover with all the pain he had. When doctors took him off the medications for pain a year and half later he was addicted. I watched this very gifted young man go from living life to living life for drugs. Its been 18 years now and he has lost everything. He has seen his friends die and overdose from drugs he has known them to take their own life because one one cared anymore. Drugs takes the person you have and turns them into something you dont know anymore. I have picked him up many times and tried to help him get his life back..He has done many treatment programs saying he will never go back to that life. I Watched him have chills and sickness like you havent seen before to get it out of his body, And over and over again it fails. The drugs have almost taken him several times It hurts to see him in the torment he lives. Although my son is still living I honestly hurt for this mother. She has lived through the unbearable of seeing three sons go down that road and its very difficult to watch. Now she is burring her third son. Dear Lord Please wrap your arms around this woman and give her comfort, Help her needs and Lord mostly help them around her to understand what she has and is going through, In Jesus Name Amen.

  62. I’m so sorry for your loss! Prayers for you and the safety of the remaining family! I believe in my heart that addiction is a curse. It is. Very sad and the entire family suffers! The loss of a loved one is hard enough. I pray strength for you and the family. Comfort and blessing GS to you.

  63. Not a disease. It’s a choice. Sorry for your losses but a go fund me for some junkies? Give me a break

    • Ignorance should be the name you go by because that is all your comment says! Have a little compassion for other people…. this mother just lost not one, but all three of her sons! Leave your disgusting comments to yourself.

      • The first time you use it is a choice and only then. Please educate yourself and do the research which clearly you have not done. Shame on you for continuing the Stigma of this awful disease which we call addition. Having lost a child to addiction 10 years ago who grew up in a loving stable home. One son died of this disease and our other son served in the military and did two tours in Afghanistan and just graduated from George Mason University with honors. So please keep you ignorant attitude to yourself as the saying goes “ignorance is Bliss” and you clearly own that.

    • You are heartless for saying something like that. This mother just buried three of her children!! I hope to God you never have to go through something like that. Obviously your parents didn’t teach you manners or compassion. You should be ashamed of yourself!

    • Think of it this way, it’s for the mother to bring her son home & lay him to rest will that his brothers. And give her a piece of mind. He was trying get to better himself but unfortunately lost the battle.

  64. I’m very sorry for your loss I am in active addiction and it’s a very hard struggle I started using due to the fact that I lost my three month old son a year ago due to SIDS and I have tried to detox but I always find my way back to using because I can’t face the pain and heartbreak I am trying to detox now after reading this story because I would never want my mother to feel what I feel about losing and having to burry my child because it is the worst feeling in the world having to pick out a casket the size of a card board box with that being said my prayers go out to you and you family and I’m very sorry for your loss …. and for every one who has said something negative on this page you are all ass holes why even waste your time leaving a comment if your not going to say something positive I guess you have nothing better to do worth your life but hurt other people and if you have not been through this then you have no idea how it feels so keep your lame ass comments to your self!!!! Again I’m so sorry for your loss

    • You can do it! Pray! Ask God to help you to beat this thing. Make up your mind, go to rehab, then to a halfway house and then to a three quarter house, if necessary and then begin your life. Go to meetings, get a sponsor, a home group, do steps. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s tragic. It’s devastating. You need to talk to people about your loss, and don’t hold it in. You can have a great life. It is up to you. It is very difficult, but if you want to get better, it can be done. I have friends who have beat this ugly monster. It takes you no where but to the grave. I lost my stepdaughter in November to this disease, and my step son is in jail right now because of it. I am praying that when he gets out he does not go back to it. Life can be good. Life is actually great. You will see that one day, with God’s help. Please do it for yourself and for your family and loved ones. You can do it! Please do it before it is too late!

  65. I’m an addict with 5 years clean. I’ll support some of the other addicts comments in saying you cannot force someone to get clean. No matter how hard you try they need to deal with the underlying issues causing them to want to block out the world. Also many rehabs, especially state run (aka the ones most addicts can afford) are often no better. They detox you then set you loose. More funding for rehabs makes the most sense if you want to make a difference. Especially state run rehabs. Addicts need to be able to get intensive therapy not just a place to sleep for a week while they detox.

    That being said I’m so glad this article was posted because many people are blissfully unaware of this epidemic, because yes it is an epidemic. It is a choice to begin using, but there is also a genetic component so claiming that this isn’t a disease like other mental health issues is just ignorant. Addicts are people too, many addicts I’ve met over the years are some of the brightest, most sensitive, and charismatic people I have ever met. It’s a huge loss. You can ignore it and wait until it becomes so wide spread you’re forced to look at it, but you will see it and soon. By ignoring it you are feeding the monster and believe me it’s growing fast. I’m so sorry for this family’s loss. Most of my friends have passed away. You can call us junkies or think less of us, but you will see us as human beings. It took me years to beat this monster back. Have some class and respect even if you don’t understand.

  66. For those of you who said negative and horrible things you have no clue! You are ignorant jerks. I list my son 3 years ago. He was funny well liked college educated and married. He had the world at his feet. It was the DOCTORS that feed him pain pills time and time again because of a bad back and kidney stones! Don’t tell me they choose to be addicts. Our lives will never be the same. I am so sorry for the loss of your 3 beautiful sons.

  67. I work with addicts and at the clinic I work at we have a monthly injection we give to heroin addicts called Vivitrol. It helps block the cravings. It works wonders for so many people and is not addictive!I dont know if it is not available everywhere or if people just dont know about it, but it needs to be.

  68. God bless the family n may her babies rest in peace , I’m just lost for words. My daughter is also an addict from heroin n I have full custody of my grandbabies, I’m afraid to answer my phone in fear of receiving that life changing call to come claim my daughter’s remains ?

  69. Wow some of you people need to know what it is like to see an addict and how hard to help them it is when they want to be clean and can’t I lost a cousin to herion it was his first time doing it and his last hope no one ever has to go through that like my family has

  70. Not the time or place for many of these fowl comments.
    On Election Day no less… this represents what’s wrong with America. Compassion seen as weakness… Understanding as tacit approval. Affliction as a lack of Charector.
    Yeah… Camp Trump, I’m talking to you.
    “For every complex social problem there’s an easy, obvious and WRONG solution”

  71. Satan lives in heroin.
    Do a Mighty healing in the hearts of their families. Hold them in Your arms. Let them feel Your presence every day. Let them rely on you in the coming days, weeks and months to come. Love on them Lord.
    In Jesus’ Name,

  72. Satan lives in heroin.
    Do a Mighty healing in the hearts of their families. Hold them in Your arms. Let them feel Your presence every day. Let them rely on you in the coming days, weeks and months to come. Love on them Lord.
    In Jesus’ Name,

  73. I have tried to reply to a few comments and must be doing something wrong..so again i want to say..those of you who think that opiate addiction is not a disease are just ignorant!! First off..its in your dna if your predisposed to being an addict, which you have no clue of knowing.Then one day you get hurt or have a tooth pulled ect..dr. Writes you a script for opiates once you start taking those opiates your receptors are happy they finally got what they have been waiting for! Then after you perscription runs out and you try to stop your still in pain and feeling worse bc those receptors are screaming in your brain that they are empty so they send out pain signals everywhere, ypu go back to dr and he writes another script this goes on until he cuts you off..now you wake up feeling lime every bone in your body is throbbing, you have the worse flu symtoms ever..so you find another dr and tell him your in pain..thos goes on for a while bc the dr wants that money and the pharms want you addicted to make their money..finally no drs will give you medication..you try to bear thru it for a day or two..by the third day your so miserable you would sell yourself to the devil just to feel normal bc your receptors wont quot screaming to your brain to make you hurt until they get filled again..then when everything else fas someone says well try this ypu will feel better..and bam your now a slave to heroin. Its not fun to get high..you dont even see it as getting high..at this point its just getting through the day without being sick! The fda and samsha have recognized it as a disease its a scientific fact!trust me noone wants to be a slave to the shit..tjey dont want to spend all their money and sell what they have just to be normal and not sick but the pain is so overwhelming they dont feel they have a choice, some try rehab..it may work for a minute but those receptors are stronger than the strongest willpower!! It is a disease amd how dare anyone be negative to this grieving family at this ti.e..shame on you!! There are several countries that have legal pharmacutical grade heroin that drs administer to the addicts with such a high tolerance that every other avenue has faed them..do you think they wanted that life? Do you think if they knew they were predisposed that they would have ever taken that pain medicine their trusted drs gave them??absolutley not!! Know your facts!

  74. I pray for this family and for those fighting this demon 1st hand ….And I also send prays for these people leaving such hateful comments , Seems you may need them just as badly :/ Shame on you.

  75. It is amazing how dangerously ignorant and insensitive people are. Drug use changes the brain chemistry so very quickly choice is taken out of the equation.

  76. This epidemic has hit way to close to home for me. Unfortunately my sister didn’t get a second chance, only one….. I constantly feel like I failed her, her boyfriend was an addict, I should have forced her to leave, I should have been there more. I shouldn’t have let someone pour their misery on her. WITH that being said I absolutely believe that this epidemic has everything to do with the governments lack of interest. And greed. This epidemic has generated so much more cash flow and that’s what it ultimately is about….. compassion doesn’t exit anymore…people have become money making robots. Its a sad world we live in.

  77. This epidemic has hit way to close to home for me. Unfortunately my sister didn’t get a second chance, only one….. I constantly feel like I failed her, her boyfriend was an addict, I should have forced her to leave, I should have been there more. I shouldn’t have let someone pour their misery on her. WITH that being said I absolutely believe that this epidemic has everything to do with the governments lack of interest. And greed. This epidemic has generated so much more cash flow and that’s what it ultimately is about….. compassion doesn’t exit anymore…people have become money making robots. Its a sad world we live in.

    • It doesn’t matter if you have come from a wonderful, loving family, or a very dysfunctional family. IT’S already within a person’s chemical make up. WITH some people it will be an addiction immediately to anything they try or do, and others it won’t in the same family. THEY are not sure why that is.
      But by saying that it’s because of parenting is ludicrous. It’s like saying a person who gets cancer did so because of bad parenting. YOU wouldn’t say that now would you? But you see, your rationale is the same. I agree you need to educate yourself. There’s right and wrong, but sometimes you have a mixture in the middle.

  78. This is so sad, it really tugs hard on my heart. I AM A RECOVERING ADDICT. The rude things people are saying obviously shows how uneducated they are. What we can do for these “perfect” people is pray, unfortunatley if addiction has not touched down in their lives they will continue to be very ignorant to this disease. I want to say at first it was a choice but after the choice it becomes a must have due to the addiction part of it. I have also had so much trauma in my life and that led me to decide to use, i started using when i was just 12 years old and my own mother was the one who gave the drugs to me, unfortunatley. My story will not be the same as everyones and i promise it will not end like my mothers either. Until people realize IT IS AN EPIDEMIC, people will continue to have DRS prescribe them opiates not even knowing the ugly side of addiction then once the pills stop comming from the DR they turn to the streets!

    My prayers are sent up to my God and i will continue to pray for the sick and suffering, pray they make it to recovery at least once because i want them to feel that they do have a choice and people are here for them. My names Jocelyn and i AM a recovering Addict!!

  79. People make the choice to get high. Growing up as 1 of 7 children all 1 year apart living with my drug addicted parents living in cars, homeless shelter, eating out of dumpsters and soup kitchens, begging for money so my mom and dad can buy the next fix. This is not a gene that runs in the family. All 7 of us are living proff. No matter the horrible lives we lived and starving cold night we endured, none of us became addicts. We knew the consequences of doing drugs, we were always last and didn’t matter. People choose to do drugs!! Ive lived with drugs for 17 years. I am a child of a world of nothing but drug addiction. To say addiction is Hereditary is comparing potatos to limes. So yes they do know what they are getting themselves into when they start using. Im not going to take pills everyday and winder how i got into this place when i crave and cant funtion without them. I am not going to TRY herion and wonder why my brain is telling me nothing is more important than the high and winder hiw i got this way. People make choices they want to. Nobody cared what drugs did to my siblings and I only us.

  80. Let’s all try to practice some moral values and principles…kindness, compassion, love for one another despite opposing views. The world would be a better place if everyone changed..Let’s band together..we are not enemies.. I pray for everyone to be lights unto this dark world.

  81. This is heart breaking. I feel so bad for this family as a mother I could not imagine losing a child, let alone 3. Part of me is angry at these child for being so selfish. But I know this is a disease. I just wish they would have given themselves a chance to grow up. God bless there family I can’t not even imagine the pain u feel.

    And for anyone that says they blame the parents. Grow up! We are responsible for our own decisions. There’s only so much a parent can do. should I blame your parents for teaching you that it’s OK to blame your parents when you mess up. ?

  82. It’s a tragic story but it angers me when people call it a disease. Addiction is not a disease. A disease cannot be controlled and that’s not the case with drugs. I have an auto-immune disease that’s attacking my body from the inside, deteriorating my joints, muscles, bones, and even my skin cells and I have to face reality that there may be a day when I can’t walk, may be paralyzed, and unable to care for myself. That is a disease. Drugs are a CHOICE of lifestyle. One can be controlled by choices, the other can’t and there is a big difference.

      • I feel so saddened by this story, and by heart goes out to the mother and the remaining family members and friends. I am also appalled by some of the hateful comments posted as one must not judge another, and kindness and compassion should be the only response. In regards to whether it is a disease, I would say yes, not based on any scientific facts, but truth be told once your body and mind can no longer function without the substance, then it is in fact a disease. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry, which I term the pharmamob, is to blame for the current drug epidemics. They advertise every drug imaginable, and if you think that young minds are not influenced by that, you are blinding yourself. These young people, many of them are being diagnosed with fake diseases, OCD, HSD, ABC…ANYTHING THE PHARMAMOB CAN COME UP WITH TO SELL DRUGS, and are given drugs to supposedly help with their “disorders”. The schools promote these drugs and sometimes demand that the child be given them. Our society has forgotten what it is like to be a dreamer or a highly intelligent being who cannot sit still for a boring school lesson because their mind is so much more advanced. Instead of allowing the gifts that these children have been given, we allow them to be drugged up so they can be an obliging person to the Hitleresque brainwashing school system. So now these young adults have been taught that drugs are good for you, and they will make you a better person if you take them. Next thing they are addicted to oxycontin, and when they cannot afford the cost of these pharmaceutical deathtraps, they turn to heroin. We are a lost society, living in a materialistic and unfeeling world, and many young adults cannot handle the pressure so they turn to drugs to help them numb themselves up. We, as a society, are all to blame and once we realize that and allow the inner being of every child to be expressed instead of dumbing and numbing them down, this epidemic will continue. We all need to awaken to the fact that our government is on board with destroying and dumbing and numbing down our younger generations because if they were not, they would not have approved prescribing oxycontin for young children. We all need to wake up and realize that we have allowed this to happen to our children, and we must begin to COME together as a society and stop this madness. Our current and future generations are at risk unless we change the system that is at play. God Bless Those New Angels that have just Passed On,and I Pray They Find Peace In God’s Loving Arms….

      • Apparently not agreeing with people makes you rude. You’re a damn child. Why can’t you people see the difference between getting addicted from being prescribed things and MAKING THE HORRIBLY STUPID DECISION to stick a needle in your arm. The needle is NOT a disease. It is self inflicted stupidity and I have no sympathy for anyone who becomes addicted in that way. Everyone has problems in life but we don’t all decide to turn to drugs. Look how many problems drugs have solved for those people. Pretty sure the answer is ZERO.

  83. You people are IDIOTS if you think that parents with NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER AREN’T to blame for their children addictions!!!!! Children raised by parents with NPD almost always become drug addicted. Inform yourselves!!!!

  84. I have 4 sons. In 1993, my 4 month old was murdered by a babysitter who was a relative, while I was sitting in a college classroom, working towards my associates degree. In May of this year my 19 year old was stabbed to death by a coward, who to this date has not been charged. I was out of state, supposed to be walking across the stage to receive my bachelor’s degree when he was murdered. I can’t imagine having to bury 3 children, however at the same time, both of my children lost their lives at the hands of another person. The common denominator was not the parents. Our justice system is one of the worst in the world.

  85. People who have nothing more than an opinion about things while having no clue should keep quiet.I cannot imagine what this family has been through and still suffering through. To blame the parents for the this is just so cruel and heartless. As a recovering addict and one that will always be I know tha my family had no clue about my choices.I wasn’t mistreated,I wasn’t from a broken home,I wasn’t abandoned.I had a happy family life with my parents and siblings yet I am recovering addict.That was me.All me.My heart goes out to this family,Please ignore those who speak such vile things.I can’t understand how they do it but know many people are there for you and sending love.

  86. I am sorry for the loss of your third son. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a child to an addiction but I do know what it feels like to lose a stepson to suicide.

  87. No body will understand until you live it and from experience, its honestly the hardest thing in the world to give up.. Every part of the day you are trying to get you fix, and when you withdrawal its some of the worst pain and discomfort imaginable. I’m sober, have been for a while now and everyday is still a battle. You lose everything important to you. Addiction is a disease and to get yourself back to who you were before drugs will be the hardest thing you ever do. RIP to those boys.

  88. I am a recovering addict. It is not my parents fault it is an issue of mental illness and more people need to educate themselves. If u could just stop it would be no problem but blaming parents or society or this peerson blah blah is not the correct attitude. We are not less than and we aren’t trash . we are sick and we make our families and friends sick along with us by our actions and how we treat others during active addiction. Wake up and do the research or keep your ignorance to yourself. I’m all for hearing a valid argument but refuse to listen to garbage being spewed from ignorant mouths. My heart For a out to the mother and family of these boys. God bless you.

  89. My prayers go out to you. I am a recovering addict and have now been clean for a little over 6 years. I still struggle from time to time. I have 3 children that keep me going and i cannot imagine having to bury any of them. To all of the people who want to blame someone look at yourselves first. Who are you to judge anyone in the first place? If you have ever dealt with addiction you would know how hard it is on not only the family, but the addict too. Addiction is a disease and it can take ahold of anyone. There are many upper class high citizens that are affected by this disease and people you least expect. My thoughts and prayers are with you and i am so sorry for your lose.

  90. Some people have no clue!!! I was a child being raised by boyh parents addicted to heroin, whom are both now deceased and at a pretty young age, I 2 have had my struggles with addiction!!! Luckily seeing my parents shoot up in the kitchen constantly, I have chosen 2 not touch heroin because I seen how bad my parents struggled every single day whether they wanted 2 get high or not, they had 5 children 2 take care of and being so sick with withdrawls was not an easy thing 4 them 2 do so after a couple days, they were hitting the dealers house again!! I truly believe that it doesn’t matter how u were raised or what your parents taught you because I have sern some of my friends that were raised by parents who had never touched a drug (my fathers parents were just that) and were religous or not, start using heroin and/or other drugs and some, actually lose their lives!!! I also believe that jail/prison is not the answer 4 such addicts as that is the first place I was ever offered heroin amongst other drugs!!! My heart goes out 2 this mother and I will keep her and her family in my prayers!!!! And just hope that I have taught my sons how much better life is when you’re not strung out on drugs!!!!! People need 2 open their hearts and be more understanding and not so hateful!!! This is why the world has gotten so screwed up!!!!

  91. Some people have no clue!!! I was a child being raised by boyh parents addicted to heroin, whom are both now deceased and at a pretty young age, I 2 have had my struggles with addiction!!! Luckily seeing my parents shoot up in the kitchen constantly, I have chosen 2 not touch heroin because I seen how bad my parents struggled every single day whether they wanted 2 get high or not, they had 5 children 2 take care of and being so sick with withdrawls was not an easy thing 4 them 2 do so after a couple days, they were hitting the dealers house again!! I truly believe that it doesn’t matter how u were raised or what your parents taught you because I have sern some of my friends that were raised by parents who had never touched a drug (my fathers parents were just that) and were religous or not, start using heroin and/or other drugs and some, actually lose their lives!!! I also believe that jail/prison is not the answer 4 such addicts as that is the first place I was ever offered heroin amongst other drugs!!! My heart goes out 2 this mother and I will keep her and her family in my prayers!!!! And just hope that I have taught my sons how much better life is when you’re not strung out on drugs!!!!! People need 2 open their hearts and be more understanding and not so hateful!!! This is why the world has gotten so screwed up!!!!

  92. I do not know any of you. First of all I lost my son to one shot of fentynal, he had done drugs for a bit, but had gotten clean. For 16 months then on Christmas day after spending a wonderful day with his youngest siblings, of which he just adored. He did a shot. It was to be his last. He was gone. Corey wanted to grow up be a good man and especially a great dad. He was a “normal” child. No signs alerted us, as some of you seem to think we like other parents could have prevented it. Well don’t you think I as a mother blame myself everyday of my life. So please unless you have lost a child. Just shut up. This can happen to any family. To all of you that have not been effected by this horrible epidemic, count your blessings. You do not know the pain and grief that we all have gone through. No parent deserves to bury their children. They certainly did not have blood test before marriage to see if their children would become addicts and die. What is wrong with you people. We are talking about our kids dying, too many of them. Then some of you sit and have crap to say about the parents. Until you have lost a child (heaven forbid) There are no words that describe the depth of pain that I as a mother, his dad as a father, his young siblings, who watched him die. So go back in your perfect world and you wait for that call or knock on the door, hope you never get it. To the parents I am so very sorry for the loss of all your sons. It is a tragic.

  93. Ppl let get something straight injection a needle is not a disease is a choice I know this bc I watch my daughter dad do it over and over again. I feel for the parents but herion is so fast to find in some place u can buy it as little as 5 a bag and that shyt could be mix w anything now. Who are we to judge them when all of us at one point in our lives use to do some kid of drug an I know some of u will say I never well I call bullshyt so at least have respect for there parents bc imagine if that was ur children how would u feel. I herion addict is hard to help I try for ten years to help my daughter father and he didn’t want it at all and today when I see him he is not the person I once love or care about he is not a father to her I left him two years ago bc it just doesn’t hurt them it also hurts and kills the family so think before u judge bc that could of been any of our kids. My prayers are w them

  94. opinions are like assholes ,we all have one that’s all it is ..an opinion….if some people knew better they do better..

  95. As a mom of 3 myself, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you must feel. I am so terribly sorry that your family has to go through this. This is just such an unimaginable loss. I am educated in addiction and I was appalled by many of these comments. Please stay strong and please, if anything can come from this, is that by sharing your story, you can prevent the pain of another family suffering such a horrible loss. MY heart breaks for you all.

  96. Man, my deepest sympathy’s. Sadly this isn’t a unique story. One of my real close friends growing up passed away from overdose just a year after his little brother died from the same. His family was so devastated he didn’t even have an open service. This epidemic is just so devastating.

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